Catch the Crooks

Catch the Crooks Information from the victims:

What did you buy? * Required
How much did you pay?
How many did you buy?
Where did you buy it?
If it was from an online platform, we need to know which platform. Was it eBay, Amazon, Craig’s List or Alibaba, etc.?
If it was from a website, what was the website's URL?
If it was bought in a brick and mortar store, provide us with the location address.
If it was bought from social media, like Facebook, find all the information about that person’s account that you can.
Do you have any information about the seller, like names used in communication, email communication, telephone numbers, addresses or emails, etc.?
Is there any information on the packages, i.e. names, addresses, locations/country?
Is there anything unusual about the packaging?
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